• Recycled Polyester Coolmesh Sports Polo
Sustainable Schoolwear

Recycled Polyester Coolmesh Sports Polo

Looks and feels the same as every other poly sports polo but this shirt uses bottles and not petroleum in the fabric.

Proud to offer a new polo made entirely from our own recycled polyester called Loopy Fibre, certified rPET fabric. 

  • Feels the same but a little softer that normal cool mesh
  • Same price 
  • Cool to wear and light to touch

This one is popular because unlike virgin polyester, our recycled poly from rPET doesn't use fossil fuels in the fabric. And it takes bottles out of landfill and the ocean.

It's 'Loopy' because it's one of our proprietary 'take back' products. It's designed to be upcyced into something new. looped and not landfill.  Yep we take it back when you're done and make it into something new. 



  • $21.95