Why are your products better?

Our products are super comfortable for day long wear. Aussie born and tested. We are really proud that our fabrics are eco-friendly and wear well but don't cost the earth. They have been tested by Charles Parsons and out performed some of the bigger brands. It's because we take care with the fiber we use, fabrics we make and the way we manufacture. 

Where is your schoolwear made?

We make most of our organic wear in China and India because they have factories that are certified organic. The last organic cotton crop in Australia was in 2005. 

Can we trust that your schoolwear is organic?

You can trust that we've done our homework. We have Global Organic Textile Certification (GOTS) and Australian Organic Certification on our 100% organic clothing. When polyester is needed to blend we use certified organic cotton and recycled Poly. Our recycled poly comes from recycled plastic bottles and those items are certified under GOTS for the cotton and the Organic Blended Certification .  Our factories are certified and inspected by international authorities. GOTS also ensures that the factories are safe and legal environments where no children work and everyone is paid a fair wage. 

GOTS means that our makers are environmentally conscious and all waste is recycled in closed loop systems.  Our dyes are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Where do you manufacture?

We're an Australian-owned company and your schoolwear is Aussie designed by mums. But organic cotton hasn't been grown in Australia since 2005, as it's too water intensive because of the climate to be an attractive crop. Our understanding is that although China is not considered FairTrade due to Human Rights Violations - we see that as exactly the reason to work with our manufacturing partners and their factories to improve the lives of people to produce our clothing in China and India (2017). While large, China is still a developing country with over 200 million people living below the global poverty line. We help our partners create fairly paid jobs in both countries. 

Our packaging uses biodegradable bags and our inks are non-toxic.  

Are all of your items organic?

The majority of our school wear items are organic and certified. If they need polyester we add polyester recycled from plastic bottles. Some of our sportwear is predominantly non-organic but is labelled as such.