Ethical Sourcing


Long term relationships with our suppliers make sure that we are jointly committed to delivering a product sourced and made ethically. 

Supplier Reviews

Our suppliers are partners that share our vision to make the word a better place. We are familiar with Modern Slavery Legislation and stay committed to ensuring safe workplaces in the factories that we do partner with, in addition to the protection of workers' human rights.

Ethical Sourcing

Our ethical sourcing program aims to drive improvements to working standards and conditions in factories we obtain product from. We increasingly invest in resources and infrastructure, working with suppliers to educate them on the importance of compliance and improving workers' conditions, including human rights.

We also insist that our factories use the same principals of ethical sourcing when they source their raw materials to ensure we provide the best quality, safest product for our customers both here and overseas.

Long Term Partnerships

We are proud to work with factories that we source from and have been working closely with them over the past 25 years.  Worker safety is important to us and them. 

Certified Producers

The yarn used to produce our socks, tights and underwear are sourced from Oeko tex 100 certified producers for their high standard of quality, safety and environmental responsibility are employed.

Our Promise

Most of our manufacturing is done onshore to help small producers and makers survive. They take great pride their business operations in all areas including website development and maintenance – customer information security – design and distribution services.

love being inspired and working with great new and earth conscious brands. We curate who we present to you our customers carefully. Our partners range from aspiring change agents, committed consumer to established eco warriors.

We hope you love them and their products as much as we do.

We also pride ourselves on our transparency and ethical purchasing approach. 


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