Behind the Brand

Our Team

Our little but wholesome team is every growing. Although at the moment we are made up of powerful and passionate women who strive to make a difference. Anne started Sustainable Schoolwear partnering with three schools in 2016 and has now grown to work with 21 schools in New South Wales. Claire and Louise joined in 2018 and 19 respectively to help deliver our products. 

Made in Australia

We are proudly trying to manufacture up to 80% of our products within Australia. We think it is so important to support our local community and value the skills manufacturing workforce within our country. 
Making in Australia not only offers support but is an option that has less emissions than exported items, better quality and higher visibility. 

Our Fabrics 

We use fabrics that we know are low impact on the earth and are comfy for kids. Samples of our garments are tested in Australia for pilling, colour fastness and durability by an independent textile lab at Charles Parsons Australia. We aren't here to impact the climate, we are her to find more sustainable solutions.

Our fabrics include: 
- Bamboo 
- Organic Cotton 
- Recycled Polyester
- 50/50 Recycled Polyester and Organic Cotton 
- Hemp 

Helping Hands

The Avenue is a community based organisation that gives work opportunities to those with disabilities. We proudly outsource parts of our fulfilment process to them.  

We are based at the Macquarie University Incubator