• RePlated Rpet Lunch Box
  • RePlated Rpet Lunch Box
  • RePlated Rpet Lunch Box

RePlated Rpet Lunch Box

Replated have produced a recycled lunchbox designed and made in Australia.

The base is a blend of recycled single-use plastic bottles (rPET) and 25% glass fibres. The lid is 100%rPET. 

This innovative blend makes a container that's both strong and light. 

The best part?

You can return them at the end of their life for recycling into a new generation of products. Clever, right?

Even our cardboard packaging is FSC Certified and recyclable in your blue bin.

Designed and made in Australia RePlated is a great concept and a great lunchbox.


Dishwasher proof

Recycled plastic


  • $19.00